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If Alladin started killing people.  What would you call him?-------------------------Bin Laddin

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Hey! Welcome.  I hope you enjoy this site's really sucky graphics, but what you should enjoy is the STORIES.  I been working on them for past year posting them on nifty and studing HOW to actually write.  My bigest inspiration is comicality and some other nifty authors.  But comicality really did put that much of an impact on me.  So this site is about love and for all it's worth.  LOVE IS EVERYTHING AND TO ME WITH OUT IT, THERE IS NOTHING.

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Whats New?

4/12/04 Sorry i haven't been writing. But i'm going to make it up to yous. I'm starting some new stories that think you'll like. One of them is Garrison High. Its a columbine story. No body really gave me critzism in this story yet, i don't know why. But its good. I'm introducing this site A great story called "Porno." Not what you think. Its no as sexual as you thought. But makes you look at things differently. It showed great potential in "nifty." And i'm writing part two of it soon. Enjoy --- I broke up wit the love of my life. I still love him and i can't stop. Please help me and pray i'll get out of this without anymore tears and sarrows. I love you Kenny. I might not see after the army.


Why Do I Write?

Well, the only reason why I write is because it's how I feel placed into words.  It also allows me show you something in my head; stories that I always wanted to tell. 
Most of my stories shows all this love and friendship.  I write these things becuase it's really what 'I' want.  Yeah, I got friendships, but nothing compare to what other people have.  LOVE.  Ha I never even got to expeirence this as much as i want to show it.  It's all shoved inside of me.  Waiting to explode.  That's why I write it down.  I really want to love someone sooooo bad.  I'm soooo tired of hiding myself.  It's been too long. 

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